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Most people are terrified to even think about leaving their job because they need that pay check so desperately.

This is a reality for anyone with a job. So why even consider leaving your job? Isn’t it better to play it safe, keep your job and remain at the mercy of the employer? This causes stress and feelings of hopelessness.

But what if there was a solution, a way to plan your escape while keeping your job ?

Keep your job while work setting yourself up in your own business in your spare time. Like on the train while commuting to and from work. If you have a laptop you could be building your business during your commuting time. For most people is about 10 to 15 hour a week. Put your commuting time to good use knowing that you are working towards a life of financial independence. Plan to make money not have work for it.

So where would you find the information and skills needed to start your own business? This is what stops most people. There is so much information out there and who can you trust. How much would this cost? I wouldn’t even know what business to start. I don’t have any experience. The reasons stopping you are endless and justified. Don’t believe people who say you can replace your income in say 6 months easily, and with little effort. If this was the case everybody would be doing it.

I had no experience, no money, no job not even a computer and yet I was able to start my own business.

So how did I do it ?

After a lot of searching.

I found a community of helpful entrepreneurs. They will show you how to build a website, provide products to sell, and how to market effectively.

If you learn how to make money you will never have to work for it.

This means you will never be dependent on a job to keep the roof over your head. Finally you will be self reliant and be able to support yourself and your family without a job or boss. Imagine the reduction in stress knowing that you no longer have to worry about having having enough money to pay the bills.

Imagine no longer having to travel to work and spend the whole day there.

Instead WORK FROM HOME or anywhere else you choose by building your own business. A business you love where you are the boss. A business that will provide you with peace of mind, total self reliance and financial security. Each day your business improves and grows along with your earnings. Progress brings happiness.

You can get the initial training you need to start today for free just as I did.

This will mean you will be able to start gaining the knowledge and skills you need whilst keeping your job. This eliminates any financial risk to you as you build your business till it is safe for you to leave your job.

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Nine reasons why you should learn Digital Marketing. (Click the image to Access The Free Workshops)

You can stop working for money and make money work for you

Learn Digital Marketing and master the skills necessary to be competent and you will create a better life for yourself.

No longer be worried about having enough money.

You will be able to generate income on auto pilot giving you peace of mind.

Become fully self reliant.

You won’t be reliant on a paycheck, a boss, a job, the government, family or friends to be able to support yourself.

Never again have to exchange time for money.

You will not have to work 40 hours at an hourly rate. Rather you will be able to to build a business that pays you whether you work or not.

Forget about having to commute to work.

As a Digital Marketer you can work from anywhere in the world including your own home, so long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

No need to retire if you don’t want to.

You could instead have an interest, like your business that you work on as often as you decide.

More time to do the things you love.

Like seeing the children, spend more time with your partner, travel, surf, bush walk, go to restaurants, see friends…….

Ability to scale.

This means for example, doubling your income each year without working any more hours. Try doing that in your current job or business.

Work in any area you choose.

For example if you love golf you could have a Digital Marketing Business promoting how to improve your golf swing or the best golf clubs and accessories. If this is your passion or interest then you could see how building a business around this interest would not be ‘work’ but rather an effortless, enjoyable way to live your life.

Why, What, When, Where, How. The most important words you need to answer. (Click the image to Access The Free Workshops)

WHY would you consider trying to learn digital marketing ?

Well firstly, it is a skill and having a skill is valuable. Digital marketing skills are very valuable in terms of your financial freedom, and time freedom plus your geographical freedom.

WHAT are you trying to achieve in your life?

Do you want less stress, more money, more time, more happiness…..All of the above ?

WHEN is this going to happen for you ?

When you win the lottery, get a promotion, inherit some money,retire…..When ?

WHERE are you going to get the information?

You will also need skills, help, motivation, time, courage and money to be able to acquire what you need to get the things in life you want.

HOW are you going to find out what to do ? Is it even possible to change your life ?

These are the things that may concern you as you slave away at your job or business and before you know it another year has passed and nothing has changed. Time marches on. You can change your life without leaving your job. On your way to work, lunch time, instead of watching TV. Just a few hours a week and you can get the ball rolling. You will build up momentum over a short period of time.

Just imagine how much happier you will feel knowing you are working on something that will get you out of the rat race you are in now.

You will know there is a light at the end of the tunnel instead of the misery of not knowing how or when your circumstances will change.

You need help to fast track your dreams into reality from people who have done what you are trying to achieve.

You can’t do this on your own. The chances are so, so slim. if you want to love getting up in the morning, stress free, not having to travel to work, not having a boss, earn more money and work less, have no money worries whilst travelling whenever you want, then you need to find people who have done this and want to show you how to create this life step by step.

To get the help you need and how to start.

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What to do when you hate your job but can’t afford to leave. (Click the image to access the free workshops)


Many people stay in their jobs which they hate for decades in some cases because they need money to survive and are afraid to leave. This is understandable because without money via a paycheck life could be very scary. In reality nearly everyone who receives a paycheck is in this same precarious position. If the company closes or your boss sacks you you probably will soon not have enough money to support yourself.


Stop working for money. Make money work for you.

if you can’t leave your job that’s o.k. You can begin doing this while you are still working. In fact you could create an income stream in the time you spend commuting to work instead of looking at youtube videos or staring out the window wishing you had a better life. How do I know this because I have done it and so have thousands of others. If you could spend the next six months learning how to build a business which would replace your income so you no longer have to work and could do this in the spare hours you waste complaining to others about how you hate your life would this give you more hope for the future ?


Generally what stops most people is fear or uncertainty. I don’t think I could do this , I’m not technical , I’m too old , this might cost a lot , I don’t have the time , this probably won’t work for me , I’m scared I might get scammed , I think I’ll just keep doing what i’m doing because I am used to this and I’m afraid of new things , this sounds too good to be true. are any of these concerns similar to yours ?

If you were just brave enough or believed this to be true would you a least have a look so you could decide ?

You don’t need to be brave and it’s o.k. to be skeptical – believe me I was – BUT it’s not o.k. to be closed minded because that will mean you will never change anything and therefore will remain stuck in the depressing situation you find yourself in now.



In this workshop you will meet co founder and eight figure earner Stuart Ross (really nice , honest guy from the U.K.), who will show you how to go from zero to six figures in just 12 months – (some people have replaced their incomes in six months including a corporate solicitor who have twenty years experience.)


In this workshop Stuart will show you how to source physical products and start your business using this model. You may choose to market physical product, digital products like training and coaching courses or both. Or you may want to promote something you created yourself. The choices are limitless.


In this workshop Stuart will explain how to get started with your business the right way. Many people try to go it alone and as a consequence the failure rate is very high. Your chances of success increases dramatically if someone who is already successful gives you a step by step guide to follow.


In this workshop you will be given a behind the scenes platform overview. You will be able to see exactly what you will receive if you choose to become a member. If you decide to become a member you will be able to use the platform for 30 days to be able to test it and see if it’s something that would benefit you. If it’s not for you – you will not be charged anything for your trouble – no questions asked.


You just have to do something that will take 20 seconds. Can you do that? I promise you won’t get scammed , it won’t cost you any money and you will have potentially taken the first step towards finally being free and happy. All you need is an email address so you can get the information you need. It’s really up to you. I am so glad I did as now I have enthusiasm and purpose every day and am moving closer towards the life I want and away from the life I hated. If you want this too just enter your email address – It’s that simple.


How to be Happy all the time. (Click image or heading to receive FREE video training series)

Something to do, someone to love, something to hope for‘. Most people are unhappy because they are so tired and stressed from working and trying to survive, that there is no room for joy in their lives. Most people don’t know that you can make more money if you focus on helping other people than if you focus on helping yourself.

It has been said that the strongest desire in the world is the desire to be great. How about you help other people to be great? If people have a life they love they will feel great they will be great. If you are slogging it out for 60 hours a week for a pay cheque to make someone else rich it’s unlikely you will be happy or great.

Freedom – that is the key. If you can work as few hours as you like, whenever you like and wherever you like do you think you would be free ? If you have a job you have to travel to for five days a week for 12 hours a day for just enough money to survive till your next pay cheque do you have freedom in your life ?

What you can do about it. Learn how to stop working for money instead of making money working for you. Most people have no idea how to do this that is why they have no freedom and little happiness in their lives.

Mentors – should you get one? Yes provided they can prove to you that they can get you to where you want to go and they are they offer massive value to you life. If you are doing something that you love then you are probably going to be very good at it and be paid well for it. Do you love what you are doing for a job now ?

What if – Someone who is highly successful and living a life that they love could show you how you could achieve that too ? If you could work from home or anywhere in the world, earn more money than in your current job, doing something you love, in less than a quarter of the hours you are currently doing in a business you own with no selling would you feel happier? And how about someone who is already doing this is happy to support you and step by step show you how this can happen for you for a what you probably spend on coffee a week ?

Dream – If you don’t have a dream you are probably just existing and this doesn’t result in happiness. If the life I described above makes you feel happy then all you need now is to know that you can get that life.

Next step – This is where most people start telling themselves why this can’t happen for them. I’m too old, I don’t have the time, this sounds like a scam, I’m not technical, I don’t like change, this won’t work for me. Prove me wrong – I dare you !

Progress – ‘Progress is happiness’. If you aren’t growing you are dying. If you hate your job and don’t feel excited about getting up in the morning every day then you need to consider a better way. Or you can do what you are doing for another five to ten years and see if magically happiness and your dream life will just appear.

No Risk – People hate risk. Risk of failure, risk of losing money, risk that they might be happy and they don’t deserve it, risk people won’t like them if they are happy and successful and so on. There are no risks in this business only the risk that you life will stay the same if you keep doing what you are doing. And that is probably not a risk but a certainty.

One decision – One decision could change your life. What’s that decision? Am I at least going to have a look? Is there a chance this could be the best decision I have made in the last 10 years or more? Remember there is no risk here.

Why shouldn’t I be happy and love my life ? You tell me. You deserve it so why are you denying yourself something you deserve? If you click on the image or heading above you will be able to get a series of workshop videos sent to your email address. All you need is a name and an email for me to send it to you. I took a little risk and now have the opportunity to have a life I love. What are you going to do? The big risk is not checking it out – there is no charge just detail for you to tear apart at your leisure. If it’s not for you just click ‘unsubscribe’ and you’ll never hear from us again. Pretty easy. I hope it gives you hope at least – but I’m sure you will get far more than that.

How to escape the rat race. (Click image to receive FREE video training modules)

Step one.

First you have to understand that exchanging your time for money cannot deliver you financial or time freedom. If you don’t change your approach you will continue to struggle, be unhappy and most probably poor. If you want to build your own career away from the rat race, become fully financially self-reliant, and you LOVE the idea of being able to live anywhere, then all you need is to learn a new way of doing things. 

Step two.

More and more people are looking for a realistic way to start a business while still working a day job, and the number one thing people like this tend to want to know – is if it’s realistic to replace their income before leaving their job to focus on the business full time. 

What was really important to me was not just the fact I wanted to be able to make money with my own business. But I wanted to find something I could really believe in. I wanted to follow the advice of one of my favourite motivational gurus Tony Robbins and set myself up with a business that would not just bring success, but fulfilment too.  

“Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure”. – Tony Robbins. 

What kind of business can you run part-time?

Like the famous author, Robert Kiyosaki states, you should start with anything that is very product-driven and extremely easy to fulfil on. Something you believe in and feel confident selling. It needs to be a product you can sell many times over every week without spending a lot of your personal time on customer service and support or transactions. After all, the last thing you want after 60 or 70 hours of work is to come home and have to deliver whatever it is that you’re selling.

Get started with Affiliate Marketing.

So what business models can work around your job? Affiliate marketing is a great one to start with. This is where you sell other businesses products and get a commission – without having to do any fulfilment or delivery. If you’re an affiliate, the amount of products you can sell is unlimited. And the beauty of it is that you can sell those products many times over, 24/7, 365 days a year. So even when you’re at work or sleeping, you are busy growing your income as you grow your sales.


Sell with E-commerce
Another option is to sell physical products with an E-commerce business. With physical products, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can order existing products in bulk at a fraction of the cost and then set up a sales system. 

Opportunities like Amazon FBA will do the heavy lifting for you. They will process the payments from customers and deal with the packaging, distributing, and customer service. In the meantime, you’ll get busy selling the products and setting up marketing and ad campaigns to make those sales happen – which you can do around your job in just one or two hours a day.


Something to consider as you go into this
Whatever you’re selling, the first 10 sales are going to be the hardest. But once you’ve made your first double figures in sales, you’ll gain the confidence that you can rinse and repeat – and grow. You’ll learn exactly how many sales you need to be making each week and each month to have a steady business that’s going to eventually replace your income.

People always want the ultimate answer to the question “how long is it going to take?” But I’ve seen so much diversity – from 2 days to 12 months to make the first 10 sales. It comes down to whether you picked the right product for the market at the current time – and your commitment to learning the digital skills you need to succeed. 

If you are serious about getting a business started and you’re looking for a genuine way to do it around your day job, without having to break the bank and at the same time not have a ceiling on your income potential.  

Then be sure to check out this FREE video series that’s been responsible for helping THOUSANDS of people just like you to start an online business from scratch and around their day jobs.  

It’s totally free to register and receive the training, and it’s totally void of all the usual hype and false promises you see online, so please don’t worry you won’t be taken for a ride!  


How to start your own Business without leaving your current job. (Click on image to receive FREE video training modules)

Starting an online business with no experience.

You can spend many months researching possible opportunities to generate an income. You need an opportunity to generate an income from home in a business that is not going to cost a lot of money.

Some of the requirements you need in a business.

A low start up cost, low risk, training and support, able to operate without staff, stock or premises, scalable and passive income.

With the help and support from experienced professionals who had been down this track before and succeeded you will be able to create your own website, using your computer and an online connection.

The marketing system.

Affiliate marketing of digital products as my business system to generate a passive income, is a cost effective way to start. It means you don’t have to keep any stock or develop a product. Rather just market someone else’s product that you trust and have used.

Gain the skills necessary to be able to market successfully.

You can access a free step by step training module to watch at any time on any device. Also 24 hour support and your own personal system consultant.

Get access to all the tools and systems you need, including thousands of free additional training video courses.

Community Support.

In addition to the support and training you are able to interact and communicate with other entrepreneurs. Common goals are financial freedom and more control in life. The Knowledge and skills you acquired will give more certainty. Grow in confidence generating income to live the life of your dreams.

How to start.

If you want to get the same free video series, click the image above and enter an email address. The first one will appear in your inbox immediately.

What are the benefits of starting an online business ? (Click on image to receive FREE video training modules)

You can create passive income.

This means you are able to make money even when you are not working. An example of this is rent on a property. With an online business one of your products or services may sell while you are asleep. You may continue receiving an income from your marketing done in the past.

Low cost to set up.

You can start with free training. You just need a computer and an internet connection.

No boss.

With an online business you are your own boss and no on gets to tell you what to do. You are in charge and you make all the decisions. The decisions you make benefit you and not someone else.

No commuting.

Because you do not need an office you can operate your business wherever you want – At the coffee shop, the beach, at home, on holidays the choice is yours.

Work at your own pace.

You may not want to work 40 hours a week. Because you are not working for an hourly rate, earnings depend on marketing instead. You may 5 hours a week and earn as much as someone who works 40 hours a week.

Develop skills.

Over time you will learn new skills that will help you to increase your income. Have you learnt a new skill at work doing a training course yet didn’t receive any increase in income ?

Make money not work for money.

As an employee you work for money. When you have an online business you can put money to work and generate an income instead.

Can’t get fired or retrenched.

It’s your business and no one can take it away from you.

No employees, no stock needed, and low risk.

This means that starting an online business will not drain you of your savings and you don’t have anyone to worry about except yourself.

You can promote any product or services you are passionate about.

This makes you feel like it’s not like work because you are involved in something that you love. Have you noticed how easy it is to spend time doing the things you love? Work becomes effortless and enjoyable.

You can scale an online business.

This means you can spend a dollar and earn five dollars. Then you could spend one thousand dollars and earn five thousand dollars. This requires you to be skilled at marketing. It is just a learning process.

You can continue to grow both financially, personally and even spiritually.

When you are developing skills that result in a happier life you are growing. Most people are unhappy because they are not growing.Their lives stay the same sometimes becoming more difficult. If you are growing and moving towards a better life you become motivated, energized and fulfilled.

There are many more reasons to start your own online business.

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The different types of income available to you. (Click on image to receive FREE video training modules.)

There are three types of income a person can work for namely ; Ordinary , Portfolio and Passive.

Ordinary Income. This is income you acquire from working in a job as an employee. This is the highest taxed of the three incomes. you exchange your time for money to earn this income normally an hourly rate. Many people earn their money this way. The downside of earning money this way is the lack of time freedom and that you only earn while you are at work. You can’t double your income unless you double the amount of hours you work foe example.

Portfolio Income. Portfolio Income is also called Capital Gains. A Capital Gain occurs when you buy low and you sell high. For example, you buy a share of stock for $10 and sell it for $15. You have a Capital Gain of $5 per share. The $5 is Portfolio Income. The same is true when you buy Real Estate in a crash and then wait until it increases in value before selling it. Buying and selling Real Estate for a gain is the same thing : you buy low and sell high. Portfolio Income generally is taxed at a lower rate than Ordinary Income.

Passive Income. Passive Income is cash flowing from an asset. Your asset is producing money. In real estate, Passive Income is called rental income. For example if I buy a rental property for $100,000 and my net monthly rental income is $1,000 a month, the $1,000 is Passive Income. Passive Income is generally the lowest taxed income. There are many ways to earn passive income and the benefit can be you can be earning income while you are not working and you can work where ever you want. So your income can be independent of how many hours you work or where you are located. For example you may be working from home or in another country or on holidays. If you learn how to earn Passive income you could achieve more financial , geographical and time freedom. Another example of Passive income is if you promoted someones product and received a commission every time someone made a purchase as a result of your recommendation. You could create a website to market to an audience and you wouldn’t have to produce or stock the product. The product could be a digital and not a physical product like a training course for example. This type of marketing is known as affiliate marketing and is the easiest, quickest and least costly way to get started if you want to create passive income.

Four ways people earn an income and which is the best way to live your ultimate life. (Click on image to receive FREE video training modules.)

The four ways to earn an income are as follows.

Number One.

Working as an employee.

As an employee you work for someone else and receive a salary usually based on an hourly rate such as $25 per hour for 40 hours a week giving you $800. From this you will pay tax probably leaving leaving you with about $675 take home pay.

Number Two.

As a sole trader.

This means you work for yourself and produce your own income by selling your service to others. For example an accountant, a gardener air a shop owner. These people don’t have employees as a rule.

Number Three.

As a company. Here you have a business which employs other people to earn money. You pay tax on the profit you earn after expenses.

Number Four.

As an investor.

When you are an investor you invest money in a range of things like shares,gold,real estate and businesses. So you earn your money by getting a “return” on your investments. For example if you invested $1000 and was able to get a return of 10% after one year you would have earnt $100 for that year. As you probably noticed $100 is not a lot to earn for a year and to earn say $40,000 you would need to invest $400,000. Not everyone has $400,000 to invest. But what if you could earn 200% each month. How much would you need to invest to earn $40,000 in one year. The answer is $1670. This is a lot less than $400,000 and most people could find a way to get $1670.

So now the big question is how to get 200% return each month on your investment.

There is a term called return on investment abbreviated ROI. If you have an investment property your ROI will probably be around 5% per year. There is another term called return on ad spend ROAS which means if you spent $100 on an ad to sell a product which resulted in a profit to you of $200 after any costs then your ROAS would be 200%.

If you could sell someone else’s product by advertising it on the internet and after the money you spent on advertising you could make three times what you spent on adverting in profit each month you could earn a decent income with a small investment as previously mentioned $1670.