Four ways people earn an income and which is the best way to live your ultimate life. (Click on image to receive FREE video training modules.)

The four ways to earn an income are as follows.

Number One.

Working as an employee.

As an employee you work for someone else and receive a salary usually based on an hourly rate such as $25 per hour for 40 hours a week giving you $800. From this you will pay tax probably leaving leaving you with about $675 take home pay.

Number Two.

As a sole trader.

This means you work for yourself and produce your own income by selling your service to others. For example an accountant, a gardener air a shop owner. These people don’t have employees as a rule.

Number Three.

As a company. Here you have a business which employs other people to earn money. You pay tax on the profit you earn after expenses.

Number Four.

As an investor.

When you are an investor you invest money in a range of things like shares,gold,real estate and businesses. So you earn your money by getting a “return” on your investments. For example if you invested $1000 and was able to get a return of 10% after one year you would have earnt $100 for that year. As you probably noticed $100 is not a lot to earn for a year and to earn say $40,000 you would need to invest $400,000. Not everyone has $400,000 to invest. But what if you could earn 200% each month. How much would you need to invest to earn $40,000 in one year. The answer is $1670. This is a lot less than $400,000 and most people could find a way to get $1670.

So now the big question is how to get 200% return each month on your investment.

There is a term called return on investment abbreviated ROI. If you have an investment property your ROI will probably be around 5% per year. There is another term called return on ad spend ROAS which means if you spent $100 on an ad to sell a product which resulted in a profit to you of $200 after any costs then your ROAS would be 200%.

If you could sell someone else’s product by advertising it on the internet and after the money you spent on advertising you could make three times what you spent on adverting in profit each month you could earn a decent income with a small investment as previously mentioned $1670.

Start your own business from scratch.

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