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Something to do, someone to love, something to hope for‘. Most people are unhappy because they are so tired and stressed from working and trying to survive, that there is no room for joy in their lives. Most people don’t know that you can make more money if you focus on helping other people than if you focus on helping yourself.

It has been said that the strongest desire in the world is the desire to be great. How about you help other people to be great? If people have a life they love they will feel great they will be great. If you are slogging it out for 60 hours a week for a pay cheque to make someone else rich it’s unlikely you will be happy or great.

Freedom – that is the key. If you can work as few hours as you like, whenever you like and wherever you like do you think you would be free ? If you have a job you have to travel to for five days a week for 12 hours a day for just enough money to survive till your next pay cheque do you have freedom in your life ?

What you can do about it. Learn how to stop working for money instead of making money working for you. Most people have no idea how to do this that is why they have no freedom and little happiness in their lives.

Mentors – should you get one? Yes provided they can prove to you that they can get you to where you want to go and they are they offer massive value to you life. If you are doing something that you love then you are probably going to be very good at it and be paid well for it. Do you love what you are doing for a job now ?

What if – Someone who is highly successful and living a life that they love could show you how you could achieve that too ? If you could work from home or anywhere in the world, earn more money than in your current job, doing something you love, in less than a quarter of the hours you are currently doing in a business you own with no selling would you feel happier? And how about someone who is already doing this is happy to support you and step by step show you how this can happen for you for a what you probably spend on coffee a week ?

Dream – If you don’t have a dream you are probably just existing and this doesn’t result in happiness. If the life I described above makes you feel happy then all you need now is to know that you can get that life.

Next step – This is where most people start telling themselves why this can’t happen for them. I’m too old, I don’t have the time, this sounds like a scam, I’m not technical, I don’t like change, this won’t work for me. Prove me wrong – I dare you !

Progress – ‘Progress is happiness’. If you aren’t growing you are dying. If you hate your job and don’t feel excited about getting up in the morning every day then you need to consider a better way. Or you can do what you are doing for another five to ten years and see if magically happiness and your dream life will just appear.

No Risk – People hate risk. Risk of failure, risk of losing money, risk that they might be happy and they don’t deserve it, risk people won’t like them if they are happy and successful and so on. There are no risks in this business only the risk that you life will stay the same if you keep doing what you are doing. And that is probably not a risk but a certainty.

One decision – One decision could change your life. What’s that decision? Am I at least going to have a look? Is there a chance this could be the best decision I have made in the last 10 years or more? Remember there is no risk here.

Why shouldn’t I be happy and love my life ? You tell me. You deserve it so why are you denying yourself something you deserve? If you click on the image or heading above you will be able to get a series of workshop videos sent to your email address. All you need is a name and an email for me to send it to you. I took a little risk and now have the opportunity to have a life I love. What are you going to do? The big risk is not checking it out – there is no charge just detail for you to tear apart at your leisure. If it’s not for you just click ‘unsubscribe’ and you’ll never hear from us again. Pretty easy. I hope it gives you hope at least – but I’m sure you will get far more than that.

Start your own business from scratch.

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